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We’ve made it super simple to join a challenge. All you need to do is fill in our quick online registration form and you’re in! From there you will receive a confirmation email and an invite to join our exclusive Facebook page, which enables participants to share their experience and learn from each other.

Once the challenge begins, you then receive daily emails throughout the 21 days that are full of tips, recipes, and meal plans. 

If you’ve signed up during one of our sign-ups offers, you will receive your promotion code, voucher, or sign-up offer once you have completed the 21 days.

Although our 21-Day challenge uses daily emails to provide you with your meal plans and recipes, we also invite all challenge participants to our fantastic private Facebook group where you can speak with a community of past and present participants. We recommend that all participants join the Facebook group so you can speak directly with your challenge mentors who monitor the group daily. It’s the best place to get your questions answered quickly, share meal idea’s, share food photos, share supermarket vegan finds, and support others on their journey. 

Please note, you do not have to share any personal information or interact in the group if you do not wish to. You could join and simply observe the content to support you on your journey.

Our 21 Day Vegan Challenges are supervised by certified dietitians who can give nutritional advice. Additionally, participants have access to knowledgeable vegan mentors who can offer advice and assistance as required. 

Challenge participants agree to:

I am hereby informed and aware that my participation in the 21 day vegan challenge Facebook group, including all content published in the group, i.e. questions and answers, explanations and tips – is not a substitute for professional counselling (nutritional, medical or other), and that the responsibility to eat a healthy, balanced diet rests exclusively with me, the participant.

The Vegan Society of Aotearoa New Zealand will not be held accountable for any health problem or other issue which can occur as a result of bad nutrition or conduct during my participation in the 21 day vegan challenge program.

Additionally, I am aware that the medical and nutritional information given in the program is general and cannot take into account specific conditions or personal requirements.

The 21 day vegan challenge, in itself cannot be an exclusive framework for people with diseases or with special health/nutritional/mental conditions, such as eating disorders, gastrointestinal or digestive diseases, bariatric surgery and pregnancy. In these cases, it is highly recommended to get additional personal counselling with an appropriate healthcare professional, in place of or in addition to participation in the 21 day vegan challenge program.

*If you have any special requirements and are in need of personal support, you may consult with one of the program mentors regarding the appropriate professional to reach out to.

We run two vegan challenges that are both available to sign up to easily online. 

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Our challenges are 100% Free to join and we require no long-term vegan commitment. If you decide you need longer to try a vegan diet after the 21 days are over, why not join a different challenge to try new recipes and plans.

Don’t worry! Once you’re signed up to a challenge, you’ll receive daily meal ideas with recipes direct to your inbox via email. Additionally, we have plenty of resources on our Try Vegan website to help you understand what to eat while you transition to veganism.

You can easily challenge a friend to one of our 21 Day Vegan Challenges by sharing a link to the registration page. 

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